My Wish List!


In today’s day and age, I as a consumer have access to information all the time and this access has drowned me in plethora of information over the internet. Some of this is just unnecessary chaos to me and I don’t want it, hence I decided to pen down my wish list for 2014 with the hope that the relevant companies would read it and help dig me out. We thought life would be easy when things could happen at a click of the button, we didn’t knew that our expectations would change.

All in all I wish is to let me have some privacy and make it easier for me to access the relevant information.

  • LinkedIn – Give me a feature to filter the connections of my contacts. There have been many instances so far wherein I was asked to look through the connections of my contacts. Have you the developer ever thought about the fact that how difficult it is to sift through those 500+ connections to find in the end 1 connection that might me relevant to me. I wish there was a feature where I could filter my contact’s connections based on country of residence and the company.
  • Facebook – Stop changing the privacy policy and have me read through those pages of text. I was your customer before the companies started using Facebook as a marketing or consumer insight tool. Let me share my life moments with my friends and family and not the entire unknown world. Let some moments, memories and thoughts remain in the enclosed world of my loved ones. I do not want friends of “my friends” to see my picture when it is liked by “my friend”.
  • Online apparel/shoe retailers – You know how frustrating it is to fall in love with a pair of heels  or an overcoat only to find out you do not like the material it is made of. Allow me to filter the items based on the material. I am not even asking for a full composition detail but a broader variation would suffice for now. Shoes have three basic options synthetic, fabric and leather. Clothing gets a little complex with a variety of fabrics available today and new blends being added every year but I am sure there can be a broad categorization.
  • Retail Industry – Stop tricking me! Today an e-retailer’s e-mail stated “9.99 Shoes, Tees, Dresses”, and when I tried looking through the website I did not find one article at that price. Within 10 minutes I was irritated that I was tricked into it and I logged out of the website. Customer today is smart; they understand when you say “Up to 90% off”. Recently I saw a new gimmick “Up to 90% off when you take an extra 40% off clearance”. If this was India, I understand that brands are taking advantage of impulse buys, because the retail scenario in India is very different from that of North America. In India, once you bought something at store, there is definitely no return policy, you will probably be allowed to exchange it in some cases. In North America, you can get a price match or return the good if you bought it on impulse and decided later it is not worth the buy. Then why do so.
  • Not for profit organisations – You ask me for funds every now and then but you never tell me what you did with those funds. Even if I contributed a miniscule amount to your cause, I still want to know what you used my pocket money for.

Am I the only one to have these wishes? What you want from 2014, share it!!

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